WHY is water so important? okay, that’s a stupid question. water is literally the elixir of life. without it, i would die. even if i attempted to live on nothing but water, i could live for a few weeks before i succumbed to water intoxication. the recommended daily intake of water is 64 ozs, give or take a few depending on size and activity levels.

for me, getting enough fluids has always been a problem. i hate to drink. why would i want to drink to fill my belly when food is so much tastier??? as an adult, i realize that my lack of fluid intake is probably the main culprit in my constant UTIs. dehydration even ruined my wedding.

since the day i got married, i’ve learned my lesson. while i was pregnant and breastfeeding my daughter, i used to carry around a 64 oz bottle of water and force myself to drink it before the end of the day. i was so much healthier for it… but now, i’m not pregnant or breastfeeding, and the only person i am responsible for hydrating is myself. it’s so easy to say “not now” to a glass of water, then “not now” becomes “tomorrow” and so on and so forth. last night i had about 16 ozs of fluids all day, and i weighted 3 lbs more than normal this morning. oh yeah, did i mention that the more water you drink, the more water weight you lose? drinking a ton of water should be in every diet’s handbook, because it works. half the time i think it’s just because all that time i spend forcing myself to swallow water is just more time i’m not spending shoving chocolates down my throat. whatever. it works, and that’s what matters, right?

each glass in my house holds about 16 ozs of water. my goal is to drink 8 ozs before i spin, 8 ozs after i spin, 1 glass with lunch, and 1 glass with dinner. sodas, milk, coffee and juice don’t count. i don’t really drink any of that anyways.




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