Fitness Nutrition

one very important aspect of staying fit, is eating healthy. it’s not just about a weekly exercise routine, it’s about making the right choices in food. that’s a problem for me, because i LOVE food. food makes me feel better when i’m down, and really good food gives me an instant (but brief) high that i can only compare to sex.

but why, oh why, does all the good stuff have to be so bad???

in order to keep myself healthy, while not depriving myself of all the tasty foodstuffs that i love so dearly, i’ve been practicing moderation and substitution. i’ve also found that the longer i go without eating fatty or sugary foods, the less i crave them. the first week of sugar abstinence is hell… but after that it’s a lot easier to avoid it.

i’ve eliminated “creamy” foods from my diet… my salad dressings are always vinegar and oil based. my soups are always tomato or broth based. instead of drowning myself in ice cream when a sugar craving hits, i suck on a hard candy. i don’t buy potato chips or other salty, greasy snacks for my house. i can’t resist the temptation of gorging myself, so i don’t even bother to keep them around. it’s just safer that way. unsalted saltines or wheat saltines are our munchies of choice. we make popcorn for a snack sometimes, but i air pop it myself, and add sea salt and olive oil butter, rather than use the oh-so-good-but-loaded-with-carcinogens microwave popcorn.

i’m not out to give you all sorts of tips and tricks for a healthier you. i’m not going to tell you to eat only organic, or raw, or become a vegetarian. (although i did do a stint as a pescatarian once, and i’d never felt healthier) i am trying to make myself fit and healthy for life, and if i begin a strict food elimination regimen i’d be absolutely miserable. i am a woman, and as a woman, i have to have a little bit of sugar every day. i love my carbs and my salty foods. it just makes me feel better. i cut corners where i reasonably can, but i don’t deprive myself of what i think is good. i am hoping that my exercise will make up for the fact that i’m not cutting out sugar or other tasty-but-not-healthy foods that i can’t substitute.

my motto is “moderation”. everything in moderation. exercise moderately every day. eat moderately every day. i’ve lost the weight, but now i need to maintain… hopefully, moderation really is the key.


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