proper food nutrition is very important for a healthy life, but sometimes it can be hard to get the proper nutrition through food alone. for that, i rely on a good vitamin.

there is all sorts of crap out there you can take… i couldn’t even begin to recommend herbal supplements or fancy named vitamins that are guaranteed to give you more energy, increase your metabolism, or do whatever the heck it is you want them to do. quite frankly, i just don’t really care all that much. a good pre-natal vitamin is what i’ve always taken. it’s what has always been recommended to me as a woman of child-bearing age,  even though i am no longer going to bear any children.

with my new fitness regimen, i’ve been wanting something with a little more punch, though. i’m more active now than i’ve been in over 10 years, and my body is using more of itself to function than it ever has. i’m also getting older (although i don’t really want to admit it) and when i do hit an age where my body is going to turn on me, i want to make sure i’m in prime fighting condition.

for this purpose, i’ve turned to GNC. apparently, they know a little something about sports conditioning. supposedly, they know exactly what my body needs to stay healthy while i’m exercising. if i read the back of the many little bottles they stock on the shelves, i can achieve any number of effects i want my vitamins to have (from bone health to an energy booster) but i don’t really like reading labels.

luckily, they’ve thought of people like me, and stocked the shelves with these nifty little boxes full of daily vitapacks. apparently, they have everything a person in various stages of life (menopause, prenatal vitamins, heart health, etc.) could possibly need out of a vitamin and herbal supplement.

my particular poison is “Womens Ultra Mega Active Vitapak”.

i’ve been guaranteed better health and more energy just by taking these vitamins. i don’t know if it’s true yet, as i’m only on day 3 of my 1 month supply, but my husband swears by them. he takes the Mega Men’s Sport supplement, and has felt an improvement in his over-all conditioning.

his word is good enough for me… so i’ve replaced my daily generic prenatal vitamins with the pretty purple box, and will see where i go from there. 🙂


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