February 2010 Recap

this month was pretty spastic. there is sickness being passed around the house, so i wasn’t able to make it to the last 2 Yoga classes. the last three days the sickness lingering in my toddler has me down in the dumps, so i’ve foregone cycling this week. i’m hoping to start up again tomorrow, but you’ll just have to wait until next month’s fitness recap to find out if i did or not. 😉 my weight is not doing well… i’m going to have to go on a diet, because despite my exercise, i am continuing to gain. i hate diets, though. i hate depriving myself of the one thing i can always find comfort in. i’ll have to get over my addiction soon, though, if i want to wear anything this summer other than a leftover burlap sack out of the house. i’ll let you know how that goes.

February 2010

1- 30 minutes of cycling

2- 30 minutes of cycling

3- X

4- Yoga Class, 1 hr

5- 30 minutes of cycling

6- X

7- 30 minutes of cycling

8- X

9- X

10- 30 minutes of cycling

11- Yoga Class, 1 hr

12- X

13- X

14- 30 minutes of cycling

15- X

16- 30 minutes of cycling

17- X

18- 30 minutes of cycling

19- X

20- 50 minutes of cycling

21- 30 minutes of cycling

22- 1 Hour Shoveling Snow

23- Yoga DVD 1 Hour

24- 30 minutes of cycling

25- 30 minutes of cycling, Yoga DVD 1.5 Hours

26- X

27- X

28- X


P90X Power Yoga

i’ve had the neatly wrapped box of P90X gathering dust for quite some time now. i’ve heard really good things about the program- from real people, not just on TV. they all say the same thing… it’s hard, but if you can get through it, you will see some amazing results. however, i don’t particularly want to kill myself for the next 90 days. sure, i want a better body, but i just don’t have the drive to do it their way.

abrupt change of subject whose relevance won’t be immediately obvious.

both my children have been sick, and my daughter has been sick for the past 3 weeks now. she’s getting better, albeit slowly, but it’s caused me to miss my last Yoga class at the Y. i will be missing tomorrow’s class as well, which saddens me. my daughter is getting better, but she’s still not better enough to fun around with other germ bearing toddlers. after another recent development, we might soon be putting our Y membership on hold, and that will completely quash my Yoga classes, sick kids or not.

thus begins the search for a good home Yoga program.

personally, i prefer a live class to a home program. with an instructor watching my every move, she/he can correct me where i’m wrong and can make small adjustments to my poses that i may not even realize are slightly off. the benefits of paying for a live class far outweigh being able to do Yoga comfortably in my pajamas at home. sometimes, however, a class just isn’t possible. there is a new Yoga studio in my town that i’d love to visit… but with the fees and no child care, it’s not even in the realm of possible.

the way i see it, a live class should be taken when possible, but a home DVD is better than nothing.

i’d been recording Namaste Yoga on the FitTV channel, but they stopped airing it. for some reason my DVR decided to push my shows off, so i no longer have that program at my fingertips. i’ve begun recording another Yoga program, but they’re only 30 minutes long and with commercials to boot.

trying to relax into a difficult Yoga pose while pressing the FF button just doesn’t do it for me.

when my husband said that our p90x program had a Power Yoga DVD, i was immediately up for it. i didn’t know quite what to expect… so far i had only done Yoga poses that were put together by strictly Yoga instructors.

the DVD is about 1 hr 30 min long, and it is intense. i like the way he put it together. you start out hard, with the difficult strength poses, moving into stretching and balancing. by the time you get done with the strength poses the balancing stuff is cake. i haven’t done the last 20 minutes of the DVD (i was unavoidably interrupted) but i think that this may be the DVD for me right now. i can’t quite afford the [very] expensive Namaste Yoga DVD series, (only available on their website) so i think that if i start saving up now, by the time i master the p90x moves, i’ll have enough petty cash for Namaste.

my conclusion on the p90x Yoga program? definite WIN. he moved a little quickly through the poses for my taste, but there’s still an hour and a half worth of poses, so it’s not like i’m losing out on training by going a little quicker than usual through the poses. i’ll definitely be keeping up with this dvd.

A Magazine I Could Get Into

today, i missed my 4th Yoga class. that makes me sad, because Yoga is the one thing i get to every week that is just for me. even my bedtime is always interrupted by baby cries or a child’s questions, but Yoga class is just for me. someone else is watching the kids, and for 1 hour and 20 minutes, i can set aside my worries about the lunch menu and the housecleaning and concentrate on centering myself. unfortunately, when my children get sick i can’t put them in someone else’s hands to watch, so i have to stay at home with them. to compensate for not going to class i rode my bike. (i usually don’t do cardio on Yoga days) i might try a few poses after the kid’s bedtime, but it just isn’t the same with the hum of the baby monitor in the background, and actually having to think about what i am going to do next rather than be told.

things have been all around pretty bad lately for nearly everybody i know. (if you missed the post on my personal blog, go HERE) i know that things can’t always be perfect, but lately everything seems to be crashing and burning. i am hoping that today will mark the end of that period.

in an attempt for some positive change in the house, i’ve rearranged some furniture and cabinets to make life a little easier and less cluttered. those i have control over, so even if nothing else good comes out of the day, at least my tupperware is a little easier to access, right?

there are also other, smaller, things that happened today to make my day just a little sweeter… and they’re things that i have absolutely no control over. isn’t it wonderful when unexpected positive things happen?

my Proactiv arrived in the mail today, so i can hopefully begin to finally get my acne under control. i’ll let you know how that goes at a later date.

also in the mail was my first issue of Yoga Journal.

throughout my life i’ve gone through many magazine subscriptions. i’ve done Teen, Glamour, Martha Stewart, and various family/cooking oriented magazines. i’ve also received a few women’s health magazines, but the subscriptions never seem to stick. i just lose interest in them when most of the articles don’t pertain to my life or they start repeating themselves. there are only so many decorative paper centerpieces i am willing to make, or cute holiday cupcakes i want to bake. i spotted this magazine for the first time on a rack at the grocery store, and nabbed a subscription card. (i know, bad Nobody!)

it came in the mail today, and i cracked open my first issue as i was in line with the other SUVs and momhicles waiting on their children to be dismissed from school. as i did in my first Yoga class, i knew this magazine was for me. right now they’re hosting a Yoga Blog contest. i know! i’m pretty confident i won’t be chosen, but still. anybody who respects blogging is good in my book.

also, one of the first articles in the issue i was reading was about a woman who struggled with food her entire life. when she started Yoga, her life changed… slowly, she began to eat better and feel better about herself. the article was inspiring, and i hope that someday i will be able to write my own version of a complete life turnaround.

i haven’t gotten through very much of the magazine yet, (duty calls, children first!) but i have a feeling that this is the beginning of a very beautiful relationship. 🙂

Eating Right

today, i learned a very important lesson about being healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight.

it’s not just about exercise… it’s also about eating right.

it’s about eating the right things, in the right proportions at the right times.

currently, i have a very bad habit i need to break. it’s the habit (and the idea) that i can eat anything i want to as long as i exercise regularly.

i’m coming off  a 17 month stint of exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. she literally sucked the fat straight from my body in the form of the extremely nutritious liquid we call breastmilk. while i was breastfeeding, i not only needed to eat a lot, but i could eat a lot. i lost all the pregnancy weight i had gained plus ten pounds i hadn’t realize i needed to lose while i was breastfeeding. i weaned her a few days shy of 17 months, and since then i’ve been on a downhill slide weight wise. i’ve been eating like i’m breastfeeding, but without another human being to sustain, all the extra calories have been going straight to my thighs.

quite literally, actually… today when i tried to pull up my favorite jeans, they wouldn’t go past my fat ass. consequently, i spend the morning sobbing.

those jeans were very special to me. my husband bought those for me as a reward for losing so much weight, and they’re the smallest i’ve ever worn. today, as my husband witnessed, i had to fold them up and put them away. i couldn’t stop the tears… i’ve been exercising vigorously at least every other day for at least 7 months now, and not even that could compete with my terrible eating habits.

i need to cut out the sugar. products containing lots of High Fructose Corn Syrup included. just because i think chocolate is a major food group, doesn’t make it so.

i also need to cut my portion sizes. small plates from now on, unless it’s salad that’s going to sit on them.

before i got pregnant with my daughter, i was a pescatarian. *while i adhered to that diet, i felt better- i wasn’t exercising regularly like i am now, but for some reason the lack of meat in my diet gave me more control of the amount of junk food i consumed. i’m not going to analyze the reasons why too much… i just know it worked, and hopefully i can make it work again. i tried to get back into my diet, but i have to feed three other people in the house, and it’s not so easy to be the only person in the entire house with special dietary needs. (wants, actually) this time, my husband is with me. hopefully between the two of us we can pull off a pescatarian diet for a healthier lifestyle.

because of my inability to admit to myself that i have to make a definite change in my eating habits, i am officially in “lose weight” mode, rather than “maintain” mode. all i want to lose is 5 pounds, but i want it to last.

maintaining is the hardest damn thing i’ve ever tried to do.

so, tomorrow we start afresh. i’m finishing the last of the mike’s hard cranberry lemonade’s that are in the fridge (just 2) and won’t be stocking them again. i’m finishing the last of the chicken breast that’s in the fridge, and won’t buy it again. from now on, it’s reduced portions sizes and no more baking. (except for holidays…)

we have also been introduced to the idea of “payday pizza”- meaning, when we get paid we can eat whatever the heck we want. i think i’ll be limiting my splurges to once a month, but i feel that splurging is a very important part of maintaining… if anything, at least it gives me something to look forward to, eh?

right now, i am so angry at myself. i had such a good thing. i was exactly where i wanted to be, and i ruined it. why does the good food have to be so bad???

*i quit my pescatarian lifestyle during my pregnancy, on account of an uncontrollable craving for turkey. 😉

Free Women’s Health Magazine

thanks to a totally awesome post in a favorite blog of mine, Freebies 4 Mom, i have an entire year of Women’s health Magazine on it’s way to my house for FREE. if you’re interested, check out the blog and the other sweet deals that are posted. 😀