Eating Right

today, i learned a very important lesson about being healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight.

it’s not just about exercise… it’s also about eating right.

it’s about eating the right things, in the right proportions at the right times.

currently, i have a very bad habit i need to break. it’s the habit (and the idea) that i can eat anything i want to as long as i exercise regularly.

i’m coming off  a 17 month stint of exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. she literally sucked the fat straight from my body in the form of the extremely nutritious liquid we call breastmilk. while i was breastfeeding, i not only needed to eat a lot, but i could eat a lot. i lost all the pregnancy weight i had gained plus ten pounds i hadn’t realize i needed to lose while i was breastfeeding. i weaned her a few days shy of 17 months, and since then i’ve been on a downhill slide weight wise. i’ve been eating like i’m breastfeeding, but without another human being to sustain, all the extra calories have been going straight to my thighs.

quite literally, actually… today when i tried to pull up my favorite jeans, they wouldn’t go past my fat ass. consequently, i spend the morning sobbing.

those jeans were very special to me. my husband bought those for me as a reward for losing so much weight, and they’re the smallest i’ve ever worn. today, as my husband witnessed, i had to fold them up and put them away. i couldn’t stop the tears… i’ve been exercising vigorously at least every other day for at least 7 months now, and not even that could compete with my terrible eating habits.

i need to cut out the sugar. products containing lots of High Fructose Corn Syrup included. just because i think chocolate is a major food group, doesn’t make it so.

i also need to cut my portion sizes. small plates from now on, unless it’s salad that’s going to sit on them.

before i got pregnant with my daughter, i was a pescatarian. *while i adhered to that diet, i felt better- i wasn’t exercising regularly like i am now, but for some reason the lack of meat in my diet gave me more control of the amount of junk food i consumed. i’m not going to analyze the reasons why too much… i just know it worked, and hopefully i can make it work again. i tried to get back into my diet, but i have to feed three other people in the house, and it’s not so easy to be the only person in the entire house with special dietary needs. (wants, actually) this time, my husband is with me. hopefully between the two of us we can pull off a pescatarian diet for a healthier lifestyle.

because of my inability to admit to myself that i have to make a definite change in my eating habits, i am officially in “lose weight” mode, rather than “maintain” mode. all i want to lose is 5 pounds, but i want it to last.

maintaining is the hardest damn thing i’ve ever tried to do.

so, tomorrow we start afresh. i’m finishing the last of the mike’s hard cranberry lemonade’s that are in the fridge (just 2) and won’t be stocking them again. i’m finishing the last of the chicken breast that’s in the fridge, and won’t buy it again. from now on, it’s reduced portions sizes and no more baking. (except for holidays…)

we have also been introduced to the idea of “payday pizza”- meaning, when we get paid we can eat whatever the heck we want. i think i’ll be limiting my splurges to once a month, but i feel that splurging is a very important part of maintaining… if anything, at least it gives me something to look forward to, eh?

right now, i am so angry at myself. i had such a good thing. i was exactly where i wanted to be, and i ruined it. why does the good food have to be so bad???

*i quit my pescatarian lifestyle during my pregnancy, on account of an uncontrollable craving for turkey. 😉


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