P90X Power Yoga

i’ve had the neatly wrapped box of P90X gathering dust for quite some time now. i’ve heard really good things about the program- from real people, not just on TV. they all say the same thing… it’s hard, but if you can get through it, you will see some amazing results. however, i don’t particularly want to kill myself for the next 90 days. sure, i want a better body, but i just don’t have the drive to do it their way.

abrupt change of subject whose relevance won’t be immediately obvious.

both my children have been sick, and my daughter has been sick for the past 3 weeks now. she’s getting better, albeit slowly, but it’s caused me to miss my last Yoga class at the Y. i will be missing tomorrow’s class as well, which saddens me. my daughter is getting better, but she’s still not better enough to fun around with other germ bearing toddlers. after another recent development, we might soon be putting our Y membership on hold, and that will completely quash my Yoga classes, sick kids or not.

thus begins the search for a good home Yoga program.

personally, i prefer a live class to a home program. with an instructor watching my every move, she/he can correct me where i’m wrong and can make small adjustments to my poses that i may not even realize are slightly off. the benefits of paying for a live class far outweigh being able to do Yoga comfortably in my pajamas at home. sometimes, however, a class just isn’t possible. there is a new Yoga studio in my town that i’d love to visit… but with the fees and no child care, it’s not even in the realm of possible.

the way i see it, a live class should be taken when possible, but a home DVD is better than nothing.

i’d been recording Namaste Yoga on the FitTV channel, but they stopped airing it. for some reason my DVR decided to push my shows off, so i no longer have that program at my fingertips. i’ve begun recording another Yoga program, but they’re only 30 minutes long and with commercials to boot.

trying to relax into a difficult Yoga pose while pressing the FF button just doesn’t do it for me.

when my husband said that our p90x program had a Power Yoga DVD, i was immediately up for it. i didn’t know quite what to expect… so far i had only done Yoga poses that were put together by strictly Yoga instructors.

the DVD is about 1 hr 30 min long, and it is intense. i like the way he put it together. you start out hard, with the difficult strength poses, moving into stretching and balancing. by the time you get done with the strength poses the balancing stuff is cake. i haven’t done the last 20 minutes of the DVD (i was unavoidably interrupted) but i think that this may be the DVD for me right now. i can’t quite afford the [very] expensive Namaste Yoga DVD series, (only available on their website) so i think that if i start saving up now, by the time i master the p90x moves, i’ll have enough petty cash for Namaste.

my conclusion on the p90x Yoga program? definite WIN. he moved a little quickly through the poses for my taste, but there’s still an hour and a half worth of poses, so it’s not like i’m losing out on training by going a little quicker than usual through the poses. i’ll definitely be keeping up with this dvd.


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