February 2010 Recap

this month was pretty spastic. there is sickness being passed around the house, so i wasn’t able to make it to the last 2 Yoga classes. the last three days the sickness lingering in my toddler has me down in the dumps, so i’ve foregone cycling this week. i’m hoping to start up again tomorrow, but you’ll just have to wait until next month’s fitness recap to find out if i did or not. 😉 my weight is not doing well… i’m going to have to go on a diet, because despite my exercise, i am continuing to gain. i hate diets, though. i hate depriving myself of the one thing i can always find comfort in. i’ll have to get over my addiction soon, though, if i want to wear anything this summer other than a leftover burlap sack out of the house. i’ll let you know how that goes.

February 2010

1- 30 minutes of cycling

2- 30 minutes of cycling

3- X

4- Yoga Class, 1 hr

5- 30 minutes of cycling

6- X

7- 30 minutes of cycling

8- X

9- X

10- 30 minutes of cycling

11- Yoga Class, 1 hr

12- X

13- X

14- 30 minutes of cycling

15- X

16- 30 minutes of cycling

17- X

18- 30 minutes of cycling

19- X

20- 50 minutes of cycling

21- 30 minutes of cycling

22- 1 Hour Shoveling Snow

23- Yoga DVD 1 Hour

24- 30 minutes of cycling

25- 30 minutes of cycling, Yoga DVD 1.5 Hours

26- X

27- X

28- X


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