New Year’s Resolution

how’s this for irony? just before i began writing this post, i commented on another bloggers page. the captcha phrase was “foode”.

now for the real post.

okay, so i know i’m a little late with my resolution. i figure since i have all year to succeed in a resolution, why can’t i have all year to make one?

i am going to lose five pounds.

not just “i took a really big crap today then skipped dinner” five pounds either… i’m going to lose five pounds around my waistline. have you ever gone to the grocery store and held five pounds of butter in your hands? try it some time. to truly lose five pounds of fat (that probably weighs a lot less per inch than buter) is quite a feat. especially for someone like me, who has never intentionally lost weight. oh sure, i’ve lost weight before… but it’s all happened because i got sick, or was breastfeeding, or had to walk 3 flights of stairs to get to my dorm room every day without enough $$$ to feed myself.

this time around, i will succeed.


it’s not as shallow as you think, although it’s still shallow.

personally, i don’t care if i have a little extra fluff on my midsection. i just happen to think that a luscious, womanly figure is beautiful. women aren’t intended to be athletic hard-bodies like men are. women are soft, pliable, and secretly strong. i think a woman with confident, sexy curves looks better than a skinny model every time.

so why do i want to lose 5 pounds? i don’t look bad with the extra weight. it doesn’t affect my athleticism, and i am still far from obese.

simply? i want to fit back into my jeans.

last year, as a reward for losing my baby-weight, my husband sent me on a shopping spree for some new clothes. i bought 3 pairs of jeans. for the first time in my life i allowed myself to go somewhere other than the Target sales rack for jeans, and i spent between $80 and $90 on each pair. those jeans don’t fit me anymore, because my hips have expanded too much to squeeze into them.

i am absolutely devastated.

i feel like an alcoholic who accepted her 20 year sobriety award, then fell back into drinking just before she reached the 21 year mark.

you may think that my expanding waistline and alcoholism is a pretty poor comparison, but to me food is my alcohol.

i am addicted to food, and unless i want to weigh 200 lbs by the time i’m 50, i’m going to have to change the way i live. i’m going to have to make a new years resolution to change my life and my way of eating and stick with it.

i’m sticking to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. no snacks.

i will eat from a small plate, no seconds.

no eating after 6:00 pm.

i am upping my cycling time to 45 minutes every other day, and i will try to be more vigilant with my Yoga DVDs now that i can’t go to classes anymore.

i will lose this weight.

i will fit back into my good jeans by this summer.



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