The Food Diary

my problem is with controlling my eating. i love to eat, and i would do it all day, non stop if i could. unfortunately for my cravings, i have to get a handle on it. it’s time for desperate measures. i’ve only done this once before, and it was a success, so i am implementing it again.

the food diary. (not dairy, diary. big difference…)

as i was shopping for fruits, salad and skim milk at the grocery store yesterday, i also went to the school supply section and picked up a small fat notebook called “the chubs”. no really, that’s what it was called. it’s purple, cheap, and has a fat name… it was a match made in heaven.

in that book, i am dedicating a page a day to recording every bite of food i eat. somehow, knowing that i have to write down that extra cookie, the bite of my daughter’s banana bread, or entire sleeve of crackers i just ate helps me resist the temptation.

it’s something i highly suggest if you also have the same problem with over-snacking like i do.


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