Muscle vs. Fat

if you have implemented an exercise routine into your weight-loss routine, you may reach a point where you gain a few pounds, and you have no idea why. don’t freak out. review the past week. have your eating habits stayed the same? has your exercise stayed the same? do you do muscle building/toning exercised regularly?

if the answer is YES, then it’s quite possible that you’ve reached the point where you’re just putting on muscle. muscle weighs more than fat, so if your body switches into muscle building mode, you will appear to have gained weight… when in fact you’re still losing fat, you’re just gaining muscle as well.

my husband asked me today if maybe my weight gain is just me putting on muscle. i will admit, when i slide my legs into my jeans, the jeans are hugging my calves like their life depends on skin contact. yes… that is the glorious toned muscle i have finally built from 7+ months of regular cycling.

my ass, on the other hand, is a whole other box of chocolates. (har har)

yes, it is looking perkier than it’s looked in ages, thanks to my cycling… but the love handles on my sides never lie. where i was only grabbing small finger-tips full before, i can now grab nearly a handful. same with my abs. i can feel the muscle toning up underneath a soft layer of blubbery fat that is definitely thicker than it was a few months ago.

in a word?


i am not just putting on muscle. which is why i’m also on a diet… because if i continue to build muscle underneath fat without getting rid of the fat (or, goodness forbid, build more fat) i will just look thicker, rather than more toned.

but that’s me.

you’re probably better with your eating habits than i am, so if, during your weight loss/exercise regimen, the numbers start to drop more slowly, or even start to go up just a little- don’t freak out.


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