Healthy Snacking

one of the hardest things about trying to incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise into my life, has been the “hunger issue”. i’m always hungry. i’m sure you’ve heard before that i love to eat. i love the way food makes me feel, i love the way food feels. rather than limit myself to a carrot stick (yuck!) between meals, i’m trying to find healthy ways to continue enjoying food.

i’ve found through personal experience, that in order to get the most natural flavor and satisfaction out of food, is to consume it raw. NOW, don’t get me wrong. i’m not saying you should go out and eat a raw steak, or eggs. (can you say: food poisoning?) i mean the little things. eat a tasty salad topped with nuts. personally, i LOVE almonds… it’s amazing how much flavor a simple nut can pack. fresh fruit slices as well of different types of flavorful veggies can also pack a mean mouth-watering punch of craving-satisfying flavor. even sushi, from a trust-worthy establishment is filling and very healthy for you.

if it just has to be processed sugar, my personal rule is “make it from scratch”. if baking up cookies, muffins, breads, cakes and brownies are made just a little more complicated by HAVING to make them from scratch whenever you want them, it’s a lot easier to resist the temptation. if you’re like me, and you actually like baking from scratch, then have your single serving, and freeze the rest in individual baggies. having to thaw out your snack in order to indulge also creates an extra step that can keep you from over-indulging.

one of my favorite healthy snacks is trail mix. it doesn’t even have any chocolate in it *gasp* but with the flavorful dried fruits and nuts, it’s full of fiber, vitamins, protein, and that blessed flavor that i love so much. my personal trail mix is made from Walnuts, whole Almonds, Dried Cranberries, and Dried Blueberries. i get one bag of each from the baking section at my local grocery store, and when i get home i dump it all into a container, mix, and toss in a 1/3 cup scoop so that i don’t over-indulge on my favorite tasty treat.

that’s another thing… put all your snacks in a small bowl or baggie or something… DON’T eat straight from the main container. you’d be surprised how much you can consume while not paying attention. at least, i was.

that’s it for my healthy snacking tips. if anybody else has any tips/recipes to add, i’d welcome them in the comments section!


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