p90x Rave- again.

a couple days ago i was preaching the importance of adding some variety to your workout routine to avoid burnout. yesterday, i followed my own advice and did the p90x Yoga routine. i already knew it was a great workout dvd, so there were no surprises there.

today, i decided to dust off the P90X Cardio DVD.

i know that P90X is designed to be a total body makeover using a very rigid system, controlling everything from heart rate to what you eat every day. i just can’t do that. all the measuring and recording and little gadgets needed for the full program make my head spin. i prefer to workout at my own speed, at my own time. no, i’m not getting the full benefit of the P90X program by doing it my own way, but it’s better than nothing.


i began the DVD having no idea what to expect, but still managed to be pleasantly surprised in the end. i did the Banana/Superman, Wacky Jumping Jacks, Kempo, Yoga, and through it all i sweated like a pig. i was afraid i wasn’t going to get as good a cardio workout as i do on my bike but i was wrong. at the end of the DVD i thought about doing some quick ab toning exercises, but my whole body had suddenly turned to jelly. it was wonderful.

i feel like i did something good for myself today.

if you don’t want to invest in P90X because you don’t want to have to follow such a structured total health routine, guess what! you don’t have to. invest in it because it has really great at-home workouts. yesterday i did Yoga, today i did the Cardio DVD and i feel the way i should after taking those classes at a gym. that’s a really good thing. i’ve been through tons of workout DVDs, from Tae-Bo to Pilates to Aerobics, and none of it measured up to P90X. it’s fun without being cheesy, it gives you a great workout without killing you, and if you need the extra help in other areas, it’s got the full round of directions on what to do.

P90X Cardio is definitely going into my workout rotation!


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