Stepping Up

i posted previously about my boredom with my bicycle trainer, and being completely burnt out on cycling. i have, since then, mixed it up with a series of P90X dvds and taking every other day off, instead of every 5 days. that’s been working for me, but i still feel like something’s been missing from my workout.

this past weekend, my husband and i bought my children bicycles and took them to the park for the first time to teach them how to ride. he even took my bike off the trainer, and made me ride the path so i could get a feel for my bike in “real time”. that’s the first time it’s been on the ground since the first spin i took around the driveway, before permanently propping it up on the trainer.

okay, i admit it, it was kind of nice to feel the wind in my hair. i have a few issues with riding a bike, but those are mental anxiety issues more suited for my personal blog, rather than my fitness one. anxiety aside, it was fun. the only problem? the trainer spoiled me. when i ride my trainer, i can plop my fat ass into the seat and not worry about falling over, or ever looking where i’m going. technically, i don’t even need a front wheel. i most certainly don’t need to worry about keeping it straight.

at the park, i found myself having issues keeping the bike going in the direction i wanted it to without making lots of adjustments. i began to get really nervous around all the pedestrians and their dogs.

my solution? get on my husband’s rollers.


had you asked me a month ago, i would have told you that i’d NEVER get on those things. they’re way too hard.

you see, a trainer just props up the back wheel, and you spin. easy-peasy. you can read a book, listen to music, or even watch a movie. it’s still a great workout, but you don’t have to worry about killing yourself on them.

the bicycle trainer i use

now, my husband? he uses a set of rollers. rollers are WAY different from a trainer, because you actually have to keep yourself upright. you have to steer, and you have to steer well. you can’t let go of the handlebars; you can’t sit back and relax just for a minute. you have to hold your bike stable and straight. i’ve tried them twice before at his urging, and after 5 minutes, i was so winded, tense, and nervous from nearly toppling over, that i never wanted to get on them again.

after realizing just how bad i am at keeping my bike stable on the road, i came to the conclusion that practicing on the rollers would be the perfect tool to give myself the reflexes necessary to keep myself as safe and skillful as possible on the road.

today, i put 20 minutes in on my husband’s rollers.

i only fell over 11 times.

towards the end i did pretty good- i even managed to max out my block upright time at a little over 4 1/2 minutes. i’m hoping i’ll get better over time, and that all this practice and massive amounts of sweat will go a long way towards keeping me safer on the road, whenever i do finally overcome my fears and childcare scheduling issues.

the rollers my husband uses (not exact physical ones- got this pic off the web, but same brand)

i am upping the ante. stepping up to the plate. graduating. moving on.


i’ll update you again when/if i can manage at least 30 minutes without toppling over.


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