Finding Motivation

where do you get your motivation? this time i’m asking- not giving out advice.

i’ve been exercising on a regular basis for a little over a year now, and it’s starting to wear thin.

i don’t have a workout buddy to keep me motivated. sure, i have my husband. he’s very generous with compliments and positive feedback, but actually exercising with him is a little depressing. he does everything so much better than i do or will ever be able to do. i know it’s because he’s a man, genetically has more muscle mass than i do, has been doing it longer, and is just so different that’s it’s impossible for us to ever be on the same page- but still. a really good workout buddy is someone who motivates you, fills the workout space with positive energy, and doesn’t make you feel inferior just by force of their presence. had i stayed in Yoga class, i may have eventually made some platonic ties that were perfect for getting fit together, but we’ve already covered my reasons behind quitting. so i don’t have a workout buddy who will drag me to class or on my bike, or vice versa, when i’m feeling particularly lazy.

i don’t exercise for fun… i exercise for my health and yes, my appearance. if i actually enjoyed sweating like a pig and sucking wind, it would be easier to find the motivation to workout… hell, i never need anybody to tell me to ingest my daily allowance of chocolate! but i don’t enjoy exercise, and it’s like torturing myself sometimes. making it more difficult still, are the lack of immediate results. i’ve always been a “get it done now or don’t do it at all” kind of girl. yes, i procrastinate like crazy… but when it comes to personal projects, if it’s something i actually have to work hard at or practice before getting good at, i’ve been known to give up or move on pretty quickly. i find it a miracle i’ve been able to stick with exercising enough to see any results at all.

what do i do to stick with it???

i try not to consider the reality of having to do this for the rest of my life. i look upon my exercise with the same amount of distaste that i imagine a diabetic looks at having to take a daily shot of insulin. yes, i know it’s wrong to compare a healthy amount of exercise with a life-altering disease… but just because it’s wrong doesn’t make my mind quit thinking it.

i don’t have a weight loss goal, or a goal to tone things up. surprisingly, i’m already where i want to be. when someone tells you that maintaining your current level of fitness is the hardest part… they’re absolutely right. i’m where i want to be, so why shouldn’t i stop exercising? why shouldn’t i eat tons of cookies? i won’t gain 10 lbs in just one day….

a week, or a month, or a year of that kind of thinking can be devastating to one’s body. the key to staying fit, is continuing to exercise and eat right.

what methods, outside of a weight loss goal, do you use to stay motivated to exercise and eat right?

i’m at the point where i get out so little, even the idea of keeping my body in shape isn’t motivation enough. what’s the point in looking good if the only people who see me are my children? my husband’s already proven that he’ll love me whether i’m 180 lbs and pregnant, or 122 lbs with very little muscle tone.

sometimes i just get tired.

sometimes i just don’t want to do it anymore.

if someone told me today that the healthiest thing i could do for myself is sit on the couch and watch movies, blog, and eat Swiss Cake Rolls, i’d be in absolute heaven.

once again…

how do you stay motivated???


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