hello? is anybody there? just curious. i really have no idea if anybody even reads my fitness spew… but i suppose i started this blog for me, so i shouldn’t really care too terribly much. but i do. it’s the curse of a blogger, i guess. if i didn’t want to be read by other people, i would have started a private journal instead.


i’m taking a break.

a break from exercise.

i’m sick of it.

when i come back, i’ll probably be ten pounds heavier, and actually have some sort of goal in mind other then “not get fat”, because i’ll already be fat. fun, right?

really, though. i need to work some things out. i need to put a bandaid on my brain, and rest until it heals. when it does, i’ll rip the bandaid off and get right back on the bike and the dvds. i might even start enjoying it again. i promise.

until then….


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