100 Day Diet

*cough cough*

excuse me a moment while i dust off this old blog.

yes, it’s been a while. after we moved, i just kind of… gave up. this winter has been particularly brutal with wave after wave of snow storms, sub-zero temperatures, and more cabin fever than i can handle. the truth? i’ve let myself go. oh, i haven’t gained massive amounts of weight, but i have stopped exercising all together, and i’m not doing much to watch what goes in my face either. that has to change right now.

you see, in a little over a hundred days, i go on vacation. not just any vacation either… it’s a beach vacation. i haven’t had one of those in years. naturally, i want to look good. not just good, i want my bikini body back. you know, the one that i had last year but never put to use. maybe this washed-up mother of two is being unrealistic, but a girl can dream and it’s worth a shot.

i’ve been successfully drinking 64 ozs of water a day, with a break every two weeks. now it’s time to get back into Yoga. i loved Yoga. i loved the feeling of stretching out my muscles and the relaxing breathing techniques. i need to get flexible, i need to get toned.

no more excuses.

i am going to start out by doing Yoga, and if i can keep that up for a month i will then get back into cycling. baby steps, people. first was the water then comes the Yoga. last but not least is my absolute least favorite- the cycling.

realistically, it will be a miracle if this plan actually succeeds. i’m hoping that with a tight food budget i can help keep my eating in line and with a husband who is just as motivated as i am to get our figures back i will be able to do it. i’ll let you know how it goes. 😉


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