yes, i know. it’s been a while. now there’s something new going on. something that is, believe it or not, simpler than exercising every day. i still need to get back on the exercise wagon, but first up… dealing with my eating. here’s a post from my personal blog, because i’m too lazy to explain it again in different words for this blog.


Everybody goes through changes in their life, whether intentional or not.

as a woman, a lot of those changes involve words like diet and exercise.

before i had my daughter, i was a vegetarian for about a year. i enjoyed it, but at one point i had such awful cravings for the thanksgiving turkey, i realized [as i was chowing down on a HUGE plate of nothing but turkey breast and cranberry sauce] that i was probably pregnant. baby wanted turkey, mama wouldn’t deny.

after that, i just never really bothered going back to my vegetarian diet- mainly because nobody else wanted to do it with me. it’s very hard trying to restrict yourself to a certain diet when you have no support from the people in your household, and you do the main cooking in the family.

lately, my husband’s been on a real “get healthy” kick. he’s exercising regularly, eating healthy, and looking damn good. he’s found his fitness inspiration in the “Mustache Man“. MM is an older gentleman in such good physical fitness, he puts young folks such as my husband and i to shame. he’s super healthy, super fit, and totally awesome.

another of my husband’s hobbies lately is watching documentaries. two in particular have struck a chord with him. “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead“, which follows one man’s quest to get healthy by going on a juice diet. it’s not just a diet thing… it’s a lifestyle change thing. he wanted to get off the half-dozen+ medications he was dependent on, lose weight, and feel better. not only did he succeed, he also completely convinced my husband that a vegetarian diet would be a healthy step for our future.

then he watched a documentary called “Forks Over Knives“, which lays out all the scientific evidence as to why all animal based and processed food is horrifically bad for you. after watching that movie, he decided that slowly implementing a vegan diet would also be a step in the right direction in order to extend our lives as much as possible, if we get the chance. (because no matter how healthy our hearts are, it won’t save us if we get hit by a truck)

i am all aboard the diet change. i’m not just all aboard, i look forward to it. i don’t really want to get rid of dairy, but the evidence put forth in Forks Over Knives is indisputable. dairy is terrible for you, and it would behoove our health greatly if we at least cut down on the amount of dairy we eat.  the only thing we flatly refuse to eliminate from our diets is fish. we are both avid seafood lovers, and the benefits of eating fish greatly outweigh the fallbacks. besides, we’re not doing this because we give a shit about Nemo or Wilbur… we just want to be healthy. i will still buy 100% leather Fossil handbags when my bank account allows me to. :0P

when i made the decision to become a vegetarian, i felt better. i had less trouble managing my weight, and i felt like i had more control over my eating since i had to pay attention to what i put in my face. i will give my 100% support to a diet that is practically guaranteed to lessen our chances of getting various types of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and a whole slew of other diet-related diseases and conditions. we won’t make the children eat a 100% vegan diet. we do understand that it’s not just a diet change, it’s a lifestyle change. it’s not just getting rid of sodas and highly processed junk food, (which we almost never buy anyways) it’s getting rid of things like yogurt, cheese, and eggs.

our children, however, are a different story. since yogurt, cheese, and eggs are some of the only things i can get my daughter to actually eat, we’re not going to deny them to a growing child. if, when she gets older and makes the decision herself to get on our vegan diet, then we will fully support that decision… but for now, we won’t deny our children foods that supply essential fats and nutrients that will help them grow up strong and healthy.

in laman’s terms, my husband and i don’t need any help getting bigger, but the children do. :)

it should be an adventure, to say the least.


i am excited about the changes we are making. it has expanded my culinary horizons and forced me to put a lot more effort into what we eat. i am learning new recipes and healthier ways to do things, and it’s actually been a really positive thing for the family.

as a side effect, people on facebook get to hear quite a bit about it too. i can’t help it that when everybody else is posting pictures of the cupcakes they made or the cheesy bacon bread bowl they ate for lunch, i’m posting recipe links to a lentil walnut loaf. FB is about every day life, and the food you eat is a huge part about that. because we are pulling this change off so successfully, i want to share with everybody… unfortunately, not everybody wants to hear.

i don’t spam my updates with veganism, but there are some people that do, and this was directed at him/her:

i anonymized my FB screen to protect the posters… i also blanked out any references to names, because i don’t in any way want to start drama. i just happen to like everybody involved in the conversation (except the 1 or 2 people i know who posted, but couldn’t see because they’re blocked completely) but it still makes me sad, and as a newly vegan girl, i couldn’t help but be just a little offended.

to me, i will let this stand as a reminder that not everybody is all aboard a drastic life change. not everybody wants to hear about it, understand it, or even be reminded of it. there are people who will hate you just because of something you do, not who you are, and when you do something against the majority of the crowd- you will probably be spoken poorly of/to.

to me, i will let this be a reminder to stay an individual. i will do what i think is best for me, but i will also keep my mouth shut in the process.

i am a vegan.

but i’m not going to advertise that.


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