The Difference In Dishes

since becoming Vegan, i’ve had to seriously re-think the food we eat. (duh) i have been the main provider of all things food-realated in our home for over 9 years now. that means i go grocery shopping, plan meals, and provide snacks. nutrition falls to me to make sure everybody is eating properly, and i take my job seriously. i’ve scoured the web for good Vegan recipes (a run down of my favorite sites will come in a later post) and i’ve had remarkable success with finding delicious, savory, filling, and nutritional foods.

i expected the change in cooking styles. i expected the work involved in the recipes, and i expected the introduction to new things.

what i didn’t expect, was how much cleaner everything is.

i’ve cooked for meat & cheese eaters for nearly 10 years. the dishes were the thing i dreaded most about cooking elaborate meals. the scrubbing of stuck on gunk, the charred grease and even the possible bacteria on dishes that held raw meat always put me off from cooking.

the meals i’ve been preparing from scratch at home all require a ton of ingredients. cooking dinner requires bowls, cups, spoons, knives, frying pans, pots and casserole dishes… sometimes all at once. you’d expect the clean up to be horrific.

it’s not.

aside from the sheer number of dishes to do, everything rinses off really, really easily.

a pan that i used in the past to cook scrambled eggs took more muscle than an entire load of dishes from one of my vegan recipes.

now apply that knowledge to your guts….

it’s fairly common knowledge that meat and processed foods build up in your guts. i’ve always known that, but never paid much attention to it… after all, millions of people eat meat and dairy products every day of their lives with no long-term ill effects. after making the simple observation of how easy it is to clean my post-cooking dishes, i am appalled at the difference.

if i wasn’t convinced before that a Vegan diet is healthier for you, i sure as hell am now.

*cheers* to a cleaner digestive system.

easier on my arm come dishes time, too.


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