For Love of Mushrooms

i love Mushrooms. really. a lot.

i’d eat them just about any way you can imagine serving them up- raw, chopped in a salad. in a soup. in stir fry. sauteed in wine or butter. unfortunately for my salads, i read that the mushroom has several nutritional components that our bodies can’t digest until the mushroom is cooked. *sigh* i suppose i can find something else to top my salad… but sauteed?


today, my belly said MUSHROOMS.

i found the prettiest baby bellas at Sam’s Club yesterday afternoon. i don’t know much about the individual species of mushrooms, but i just know these ones were meant to be stuffed. unfortunately, my belly said it wanted mushrooms, but my brain said it didn’t feel like stuffing them. last night i made a delightful stir-fry out of half the batch, and today i really, really wanted a wrap.

which brings us to my absolute favorite way of eating mushrooms. pre-vegan, this recipe would have involved melting some smoked gouda on top, but alas… i’m for healthier days.

i sauteed some garlic and onion in olive oil, then tossed in the rest of the baby bellas, all sliced up nice and pretty. in went whatever brand of red wine i just happened to have laying around the house.

i smashed some avocado, and spread it out on a fat-free tortilla. (the fat-free kind is not only fat free, but it’s typically the only one made without lard)

i laid down a little bit of baby spinach and some sliced tomato.

i topped it off with sauteed mushrooms and onion.

i made a huge mess devouring that amazing lunch. 

then i ate a piece of Pumpkin Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream frosting.

then i blogged.

which brings us to this exact moment in time, in which i need to GET OFF MY LAZY ASS AND DO SOME HOUSE WORK.

i think i’ll go mop, or something.





PS: if you actually follow this blog, i would absolutely adore you if you’d sign in through Google Friend Connect, my most recent addition to the right hand sidebar. i will still continue to blog my thoughts even if i don’t have any obvious followers (in some ways it’s actually easier to talk when i think nobody’s listening) but i feel kinda lame every time i see the one lone follower. (which amplifies the lameness, because that follower is actually ME)


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