i admit, i’ve been struggling lately with the whole “vegan” thing. it wasn’t an easy decision to make… i’m not the girl who feels ill at the idea of eating an animal. i don’t tear up when i think about some poor cow being slaughtered to make my dinner. i just don’t. i’m vegan because of my health, not my conscience.

i love cheese.

i always have, and i still do.

when i was a kid, i used to take the cheesy topping off my pizza and eat it, leaving the bread and sauce behind. now that i’m a grown-up, i still dream of doing it, but don’t because of the waste. i love to melt cheese onto my sandwiches, and sprinkle it into my salads. my favorite soups are clam chowder and broccoli cheddar. it’s not the icecream or chocolate i miss… it’s the cheese.

don’t worry, i’m not in too much danger of giving up. my gut has been happier than ever since getting used to the vegan diet. it doesn’t miss the meat, and surprisingly- i don’t miss the dairy either. i still have rough days, but on those rough days, i have less problems than i did before. yes, i like my vegan diet… but my taste buds really miss cheese.

in a way, that makes me more determined than ever to stick with it.

human beings should eat to live, not live to eat.

that’s one of the main problems with our society today. we’ve put too much value in what we shove in our mouths. obesity in America is a literal epidemic, and it’s because we live so that we can shove more delicious, but terrible for us foods down our gullets. most people rely on food to bring them temporary highs to get through the day. they rely on food to comfort them, and become emotionally dependent on it. i say “they” but of course i mean “we”. even with my “sacrifices” i still rely on an occasional glass of wine to soothe late-night rattled nerves, a pack of oreos here and there to ease my pms, and nothing is better than a hearty, home cooked meal.

food should be a fuel source, not a pleasure source. 

i’d like to think, that by denying myself some key ingredients to the most unhealthy (but sadly tasty) food i can shove into my face, i am setting myself up for a healthier lifestyle that is less dependent on food for happiness.

or something.

i still want cheese.


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