Sometimes, I Just Want it the Way it Was

my black bean burgers were quite tasty. we still have a bunch of leftovers, and i’m still enjoying them for lunch, along with a small bowl of pita chips and hummus. seriously, remove the hummus from my presence before i start resembling a chick pea… NOM.


yes, the burgers were good- but they still don’t taste like a burger. vegan food can be amazing. it can be hearty and filling, it can be flavorful, nutritious, and sometimes even better than it’s meat-n-dairy-packed counterparts.

sometimes, though, i just want a taste of it old school style. meaning, the way it was. meaning, with meat.

i scoured the aisles of Walmart (don’t judge. we budget.) looking for a packet of Chili mix that didn’t include some kind of dairy component. you’d be surprised how many companies try to sneak milk into their foods. finally, i found one. good ‘ole Lawry’s Chili Spices and Seasonings Packet is vegan friendly! well, Vegan enough for me anyways. there were no overt animal products listed in the ingredients.

the next step was trying to find something to replace the meat part. for that, i skipped to the health food section in my grocery store, and found this stuff…

after i browned it in my pan just as i would have a tube of beef, i added in all my chili ingredients, and voila! vegan friendly, meat-style chili. the taste of the soy meat substitute is similar to that of a Vegan Boca Burger.  meaning, it’s actually pretty good. Boca Burgers are a staple in my house… we buy them from Sams Club, and when i’m just not in the mood to pull together a miracle, i fix them for dinner.

once the seasonings soaked into the “Beef”, i couldn’t even taste a difference between beef chili, and my vegan chili.there is a slight difference in texture… the “beef” is softer than beef, but it didn’t bother me at all. (ps- i hate the texture of Tofu, and this was nothing like Tofu)

hopefully my husband will like it as much as i do. 😉


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