Sick Day.

i am SICK. as in, i have a chest cold that is about to drive me crazy with the coughing. seriously. i’ve been craving nothing but ramen all week. too bad so sad for me- ramen isn’t vegan friendly. most hardcore vegans would snub their noses at ramen and call it “garbage”. but DAMMIT i’m still that girl that lived off of pickles and ramen noodles in college. right now, when i’m at my worst, all i want is some ramen.

today, i decided to compromise… i have some Better than Boullon, which i absolutely adore using as a soup base.

i bought my ramen noodles. thankfully, the price is so reasonable that i can justify throwing away the seasoning packet. toss in a teaspoon of BTB, some frozen mixed vegetables, and i have my instant comfort food. after all, i’m sick. i don’t want to spend an hour chopping, steaming, and pureeing other veggies for a soup- no matter how good my butternut squash soup is. (and it’s pretty damn good)

i also scoured the racks of Walmart looking for a dietary-vegan friendly chocolate bar. not so easy… most everything, even the dark chocolate contains milk fat. if i was a “save the animals” or a “severe milk allergy” type of vegan, i’d have to forgo everything on the rack, and live without chocolate. (BLASPHEMY!) thankfully, i am neither. the one bar, my savior, is Ghirardelli Twilight Delight. it’s the only one that doesn’t contain milkfat, although it is manufactured on the machines that manufacture other products that do. in my admittedly pre-menstrual state, that’s good enough for me.

today, it’s a rest day. it’s a ramen and chocolate and peppermint green tea with a dash of honey kind of day.

well, until the next time i need to cart the kids around, anyways.


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  1. Cara
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 14:39:41

    I just cried a little bit into my coffee. I LOVE Better than Bouillon!!! But…it has wheat in it and I cannot have it anymore. The saddest day of my life.
    Hoping you are feeling better! And I think it’s in the sick handbook that you *must* eat ramen in order to feel better 🙂


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