Ignorance is Bliss for the Ignorant

we’re Vegans. it means we don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs. it’s not a disease.

if i cook food for you, it will taste good. it will be filling, i can cook comfort food, desserts, soups, and breads. it’s the same goddamn thing you do for your family every night, i just go about it a little differently. i detour around the eggs, i push aside the cheese. instead of making a loaf out of muscle fiber, i make it out of bean fiber. my food won’t kill you.

my number one gripe about being vegan isn’t about the food i have to eat…. i’ve grown to love my favorite recipes, and have discovered that with a little research my diet doesn’t lack for anything, comfort food included. what i’m sick of is people saying “what do you eat anyways?” as if we have some sort of medical condition.

i went to MIL’s for Thanksgiving dinner, and she wouldn’t even taste the mashed potatoes she made for us… she had me taste it and tell her what it tasted like. WTF??!?

my food won’t poison you unless you added actual poison to it yourself.

yes, i love bacon. i love a big, fat juicy steak and i love icecream….

but i’m trying to live my life the best way i feel i can. i’m eating to live, not living to eat. i make my food good, but i don’t make it my ultimate source of comfort. people talk about “hoity-toity vegans” whining about saving the animals… well guess what. i’m a vegan, whining about ignorant omnivores.


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