A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

i didn’t plan on cooking anything special for Thanksgiving. actually, i didn’t really cook anything special for Thanksgiving. my husband just happened to be home (sometimes he isn’t. it depends on the whim of the assholes who call the trains he works on) so i planned on making his 2 favorite dishes… Sweet Potato Casserole and Walnut Lentil Loaf. both dishes are relatively labor intensive, so by the time i popped them in the oven, i was starving and dreaming about cranberry sauce. i also used a package of Herb Stuffing mix to make my bread crumbs, so i thought “why not make the rest of the stuffing”. if i did that, i’d have an excuse to make cranberry sauce, because i like to mix cranberry sauce into my stuffing. i also couldn’t go without putting some kind of green item on the table, so i steamed some green beans (that i topped with Earth Balance and Garlic Salt)  as well.

Thanksgiving 2011:

-Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf
-Sweet Potato Casserole
-Cranberry Sauce
-Stuffing (made on the stove top)
-Garlic Butter Green Beans

the picture isn’t fancy, and it’s actually the remains of our dinner. it’s not enough for most people to call a “feast”  but for the four of us, it was more than enough to fill our bellies, satisfy our tastebuds, and leave enough for dinner tomorrow too. 🙂

it ain't pretty, but it sure was good,




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