My Vegan Essentials, and Where I Get Them

i wanted to write a post about these delicious chickpea bean balls i made tonight to go with our spaghetti, but i can’t. i can’t blog about them on account of them not being very good. if you know of any good vegan bean ball recipes that go good with spaghetti, point me in that direction. please.

moving on.

i realized today that there are certain things that i have to keep in my house ever since we became vegan. they’re my go-to ingredients for pulling something together for dinner, snacks, or whatever. there are some things i’ve always had in my kitchen, but you don’t want to hear about those. i mean seriously… who cares what type of flour, sugar, and spices i have in my cabinet???

pasta sauce. yes, i can make my own tomato sauce… but it involves things like sauteeing, chopping, boiling, tastingmeasuringandjustplaincooking. sometimes i don’t feel like cooking something with more than 3 steps… in that case, i fall back on my basic pasta sauce from a jar. Ragu Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce is vegan… and they sell it in bulk at Sam’s. they also sell a vegan whole wheat pasta. (i always have to check the back of the box) win.

nuts. i also buy my nuts from Sam’s. we always have on hand at any given time raw Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, and Pine Nuts. i also keep on hand dried cranberries, blueberries, dates, and prunes… also from Sam’s.

Vanilla Soy Milk. also gotten from Sam’s, we use it in everything from baking to cereal.

Almond Milk, unflavored. sometimes you don’t want your green bean casserole to reek of vanilla, in which case i go for the almond milk. i only keep a couple boxes of this on hand at a time since i don’t use it as much.

Butternut Squash. believe it or not, this is one mad-flexible veg. i use it in my vegan cheez sauce for faux mac’n’cheeze and it makes a kick ass soup. i’m going to try a recipe for a butternut risotto in a few days, and will let you know how that turns out.

beans. i keep a ton of dried beans on hand all the time. they’re super healthy, and great for all sorts of things… from bean burgers to soups, i love my beans. 🙂 i keep on hand black beans, navy beans,

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread. i use this shit on everything. it bakes, it spreads, it melts and tastes better than real butter. no joke. i keep it in stick form AND tub form in my house.

Milled Flax. it makes a great egg substitute in certain recipes, and is jam packed with all sorts of healthy little things that help your body do right.

Powdered Egg Substitute. for when i can’t use flax. this works just like a real egg… just 1 tbsp of this powder whisked into 3 tbsps of water, and you have an egg!

Hummus. i just recently discovered how amazing hummus is, so forgive me for my excitement. we buy huge tubs of it from Sam’s, and i swear they don’t last the week.


you’ll also find me using only these brands, for the simple fact that they’re the most easily accessible vegan version of their kind.

Mrs Baird’s 7 Grain Whole Wheat Bread... it’s one of the few that i’ve found that is vegan.

Fat-Free Tortilla Wraps… the regular kind use lard, and some of the flavored ones even have cheese in them.

Ghirardelli Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips… the only one i can find that is easily accessible and vegan. i still had to mail-order it in bulk from

Rapunzel Pure Organic Vegan Bouillon Cubes With Sea Salt… also gotten in bulk from Amazon.


anyways, so that’s a little peek into my cabinet. it doesn’t cover everything, but it’s what was on my mind today after a brief shopping trip. 🙂


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