Vegan Egg Nog

one of my favorite things about the holidays has always been the egg nog. if the holiday’s were to be described by taste alone, that taste would be egg nog. unfortunately there’s the little thing about it containing eggs and milk.

thankfully, all our favorite brands of soy and coconut milk have created not just suitable but far superior substitutions for traditional egg nog. and by “traditional” i, of course, mean the stuff you buy in a pretty Christmas colored carton on the shelf of your local grocery store. none of that “made from scratch” stuff for me. 😉

previously, my grocery store only carried one brand.

Silk Soy Nog

now, this stuff is pretty good. it has the taste of egg nog down pat... the only thing it lacks is the texture. this Nog is a little bit thin to hold up to the "real stuff". fortunately, it's SO much lower in fat than the dairy-based alternative, that it more than makes up for it. it's especially great for the people that say "i like the taste, but the thick texture grosses me out." well, this stuff has all the great taste, in a thin, milky texture.


i also discovered So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog, and this one won the taste test for me hands down. 

this vegan egg nog had the thick, creamy texture you expect from all the dairy-based egg nogs AND it had a great taste, with a pleasant cinnamon-y finish. the whisper of coconut complements the nog flavor nicely, and this carton of nog didn’t make it very far in the house before it was completely consumed. definitely my most favorite of the two!

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