a whine, and tofu vs. bacon death match

“i’m having company this weekend, and he’s vegan. what do i feed him?”

that’s something i heard at the grocery store the other day. the employee promptly pointed this woman to the health food section, and left her to her own devices. i didn’t help her out either, so i probably don’t have a right to complain… but it irritates me to no end to hear things like this. people hear the word “vegan” and automatically begin treating us like we have something wrong with us. like we don’t eat the same food that the rest of the world eats.

vegan food isn’t just in the health food section… depending on the vegan’s level of snottiness, you can find veganity in every aisle including the soda aisle. yes, Coke is vegan as is every other soft drink on the shelf. on Christmas Eve i ran to the grocery store to get stay-at-home munchies for the fam. i picked up a bag of Original Gardettos, Pretzels, Sorbet, and Cherry Coke Zero. all of which are vegan. if you use your brain, you’ll realize that there’s more products out there than you think that are vegan…. Oreos are vegan, and my go-to cookie when i don’t want to bake. plain potato chips are vegan, and you can use almond milk in place of dairy milk in any baking/cooking recipe, as well as powdered egg replacer in virtually anything. (brownies, cakes, cookies, etc) i use Bob’s Red Mill Organic Egg Replacer in all my baking, and nobody ever knows the difference. you can use vegetable broth/bouillon instead of chicken or beef and many, many salad dressings are vegan. hell, i even use a vegetable bouillon in my Ramen noodles. (i toss the seasoning packet it comes with) if you want it super easy, there’s even vegan lunchmeat and sliced “cheese”.

being vegan isn’t difficult, it’s people’s preconceptions of it that make it so.

*sigh* rant over.

to lighten the mood, here’s Monsieur Tofu and Mister Bacon in a kitchen death match…



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