Totally Addicted

I have an addiction .

I can’t help it.

I don’t want to help it… except to maybe help feed it  a little more.

Yes, I admit it. I’m addicted to Hummus.

It sounds stupid, but seriously. I can’t get enough of Hummus, or chickpeas in general. I think that chickpeas are actually a natural form of crack cocaine, except without that whole “killing you eventually” thing.

We’re members of Sam’s Club, so we get our Hummus in gihugic tubs that cost the same as the tiny tubs you get at the grocery store. ↓my favorite hummus↓


in my younger years (meaning less than a year ago) i would turn my nose up at the idea of eating hummus. it sounds so… yuppy.

but then one day came along when i was visiting my mother in law, and the only thing she had to eat that was actually vegan, was a few mushy onions, sprouting potatoes, a tub of hummus, and a bag of pita chips. you can guess what i had for lunch that day… a hint: it wasn’t the potatoes or the onions. to this day, i am still nursing a full blown hummus addiction.

it’s 10 in the morning right now, and i finished my breakfast about an hour ago. what did i eat for breakfast? a tortilla salad wrap.

i spread a generous spoonful of hummus on the bottom of the wrap, lined up 3 split grape tomatoes, some chopped celery, topped it with chopped romaine lettuce, a generous helping of sliced dill pickles, and sprinkled it all with raw pine nuts. then i wrapped it all up like a tasty little birthday gift and chowed down. i read a book at the table while i took my vitamins and thoroughly enjoyed my non-conventional breakfast. i do this almost every morning. like i said- i’m addicted.

hummus is awesome.


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