New Year’s Resolution

i don’t like Tofu. on the few occasions i or my husband have made it, i’ve grudgingly choked it down and covertly let everyone else eat the left overs. i’ve never had Tofu made by someone professional… meaning, in a restaurant setting, made by someone else, that other people have declared to be a good example of cooked Tofu.

every time i’ve made it, i haven’t been able to get rid of that faint plastic-y taste that seems to accompany every form of Tofu available to me. i don’t like the texture… that weird spongy texture that you never find in any natural foods. it just freaks me out. i’ve tried Tempeh and didn’t like it either. it tasted just like Tofu, except with a different weird unnatural texture. i haven’t given up on Tempeh yet, i still have a few recipes to try that make me think it might be possible to like it.

Tofu, on the other hand, is just icky.

which brings me to my New Year’s Resolution.

i am going to find a recipe in which i actually like Tofu in.

i’m not going to give up. i want to like Tofu.

i have a few recipes for a Tofu Scramble (the vegan version of scrambled eggs) and a few different stir frys. worst comes to worst, i’ll make a Tofu Chocolate Pudding. you can’t really go wrong with chocolate, IMO. although i wouldn’t put it past Tofu to ruin it. :0/

New Year’s Resolution 2012



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