Terra Vegan Rex

this week i totally junked out by spending too much time in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin spice gingerbread and pumpkin spice pancakes. it was worth every bite, though. well, maybe not the extra fluff around my waist line. won’t be doing THAT again for a while!. I LOVE BEING VEGAN. the one thing i love the most about being vegan is that even when i’m at my worst (nutritionally) i’m still better than your average American is on a regular basis. i still consume less calories and more healthy stuff when i’m splurging than your average meat and dairy filled meal. i love it. it gives me an excuse to feel good about myself, even when i’m being bad. of course, now i need to add some toning up to my daily regime… i’m starting to get a little fluffy. *sigh* so much for weight loss just by switching to a vegan diet, eh?

okay, so i’m not completely vegan… i still eat fish. but NO dairy. NO land-dwelling animal products. what does this make me? hmmmm… i know! i’ll invent a new word. i’m a TERRA VEGAN REX.


World, meet the Terra Vegan Rex. a person who follows a vegan diet by not eating any land dwelling animal food products, but still occasionally eats seafood. nom.


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