Vegan Protein Bar Recipe Link

i knew it would happen, and it finally did. i fell off the wagon. i did fairly well exercising every morning for about 2 weeks, then i couldn’t exercise one morning. (dr’s appointment) so i didn’t. then the next day i didn’t either. then i just kept forgetting… now it’s been about a week, and i’m a lazy bum.

this afternoon i decided to try and tickle my exercise motivation just a little by making some protein bars. i’ve never made protein bars before, so while it wasn’t a daunting task, i was a little nervous.

thankfully, they turned out great!

once again Angie at Oh She Glows busted out with some serious food awesomeness.

i made her Last Minute Protein Energy Bars, and after taste testing the first one… i want another. (oh noes!)

i tried to get pretty close to her recipe- for the protein powder, i used 1/2 a cup of the same stuff she did. i don’t know much of anything about protein powders (especially of the Vegan variety) so i figured i’d just stick with what she says is good… she hasn’t failed me yet. 😉

i used peanut butter and honey for the nut-butter and sweetener, and they taste really good together. i didn’t have any problems at all with there not being enough to hold the oats and rice cereal together. i also threw in a handful of raisins just for the heck of it.

the only thing i totally forgot to do was heat the pb and honey before stirring in the vanilla extract. i just whipped them all together with a fork until it was nice, smooth mixture, and dumped it into the oat mixture. they turned out fantabulous… and now i have a reason to get serious with some exercise! these bars won’t keep well… they are, after all, no-bake bars. hopefully the thought of wasting food is just what i need to get off my butt and exercise.




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