Observations and Coconut Curry

i’ve been contemplating the new recipes i could possibly try this week (Friday is payday, so that means GROCERY SHOPPING!) and i realized that all the recipes i add to my “to try” list have one thing in common… it’s not your standard Vegan fare. in fact, i would go so far as to say i practically specialize in Vegan Comfort Food. i have a family of 4 to feed… (me, hubs, and 2 kids) i need the food that i cook to be delicious. i need the food that i cook to be filling. i need the food that i cook to be meat-a-saurus friendly. the dishes that i’ve been collecting over the last few months aren’t light salads or tiny sandwiches bursting with greens… no, they’re big hearty stews, meatballs and loaves that mimick meat as much as i could manage with a can of beans, and side dishes and desserts that reflect their non-vegan counterparts in near perfect symmetry.

i’m still not great at it… i don’t trust myself to cook for a non-vegan and know that they’ll love it. i still experiment and fail pretty regularly. before becoming a vegan i spent minimal time in the kitchen. i hated working with food- raw meat, especially.  now that i don’t have to worry about raw meat, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. i feel free. i feel like i was meant to be a vegan, but i just checked the dates, and i’ve only been vegan for 4 months.

4 months? that’s it??? i’ve learned so much about food in my journey. i’ve learned so much about ingredients and different cooking methods, that i feel like i’ve been piling it in for years. cooking isn’t as difficult as i thought it was… vegan cooking is way easier than pulling out all the meat-n-dairy stops. i’ve collected more recipes than i ever did before. my little cookbook/binder full of printed out recipes is bursting with possibility.

i love my food. and for the first time, i don’t mind screwing it up. [too much] because i know i can [and don’t mind having to] go back later and try again.

anyways, that’s been on my mind lately, and i just wanted to share it with you. if you want something a little more solid than observations from this blog post, never fear… i have a recipe for you to try.

i’ve found that limiting oneself to a specific style of cooking not only hampers your culinary creativity, but sometimes the food just gets boring. as a result, i’ve been experimenting with cuisine from all over the world. stir fry is my go-to quick meal. spaghetti and “meat” balls is a belly filler. “meat” loaf is my favorite comfort food. (and is my whole family’s favorite food!)

one type of food i’ve never tried is Indian food. i don’t care for spicy foods, so i’ve always avoided it like the plague. my new motto in life is “Open Mind, Open Heart”. Ignorance is NOT bliss. how do i know i don’t like it if i’ve never tried it before???

enter Coconut Curry with Chickpeas and Cauliflower.

now, i’m not sure what a traditional curry is supposed to taste like, but in the end it doesn’t really matter how traditional the dish is- only that it tastes really good. and by golly this dish tastes awesome. 

one of my favorite recipe sites is GoDairyFree.org. it’s chock full of recipes and tips for living a diary free life style. normally when i try a new recipe, i cook it exactly the way the original recipe tells me to, then i tweak it over the course of the next couple times i make it. this? didn’t need any tweaking. it was the perfect blend of spicy and creamy just as it was. the more of it we ate, the more of it we wanted. i should also state that my husband hates cauliflower, and he’s the one who ate the lion’s share of the curry. 😉 so without further ado, head on over to Go Dairy Free, and click the link below for the recipe for

Coconut-Curry with Chickpeas and Cauliflower


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