Ingredient Want

i’ve been on a bit of a lull when it comes to trying new recipes. i have, at least, managed to make some more good tofu… i have hope for the future of tofu in my house now! a mixture of corn starch and almond milk dipped in a seasoned cornmeal and bread crumb coating makes for awesome Tofu Fingers. i’m hoping to perfect and experiment a little bit and later come up with something that my 3 year old deems edible. that’ll be a challenge- the only kind of food she likes is the kind that’s guaranteed to be unhealthy for you. *sigh*

since becoming vegan i’ve acquired a lot of ingredients i would have otherwise never even considered adding to my cabinets- Nutritional Yeast, Raw Protein Powder, Vanilla Soy Milk, Unsweetened Almond Milk, beans… the list goes on and on. next up? Truffle oil! the trick is finding something reasonably priced in a bottle large enough to validate the mail order. (i haven’t been able to find any locally yet) i officially have 2 recipes that i want to try with Truffle Oil as one of the must-have ingredients, so i figure it’s time to add it to my stash of ingredients.

as usual, i’m scoping out Amazon for a decent deal (with good reviews) and will get back to you later!


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