Here We Go Again…

yesterday, i was so sore i could barely stand up straight.

today, i’m so sore i can barely sit on the toilet without cringing. actually, i can’t sit on the toilet without cringing.

finally FINALLY i’m doing something i should have done a long time ago. i’m getting my ass up, and doing something other than cooking and cleaning. i’m working out.

not just regular work out either… i’m actually following the guidelines of p90x. i’m doing the p90x lean workout. it’s scheduled. it’s pure torture, and i’m only 3 days into the exercise schedule. today i have an hour and twenty minutes of yoga x to do, and i’m beginning to wonder if today is the day i finally keel over dead on my yoga mat or am at least committed to a wheel chair.


but i have to keep doing it. i. have. to. 

i’ve never been this out of shape in my life. i’ve never had so much trouble getting through one workout.

in the ab ripper exercise sequence, my abs never get the chance to get sore because my legs are having such a hard time staying up. my hips and thighs are killing me.

this better be worth it. 


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