Tofu Scramble

miss scrambled eggs? well never fear… there IS a healthier alternative!

all you need is an extra firm block of Tofu, and some Kala Namak.

Kala Namak is salt. it’s also known as Black Salt, or Black Indian Salt. it’s basically just salt with a high sulfur content. yes, it does have a slightly sulfuric taste and smell… which is why it is the secret ingredient in a Tofu Scramble. just sprinkle a little bit (until it tastes right to you) in your crumbled Tofu, and BAM! you have Tofu that tastes just like basic scrambled eggs.

when i make my Tofu Scramble all you need it…

-1ish tablespoon of oil… you can use Olive Oil, or Earth Balance butter, or whatever oil you like best… i even used Sesame Oil once, and it tasted great.
-1 block of Extra Firm Tofu, pressed, then crumbled
-a pinch or more of Kala Namak. i got mine from
-a pinch or more of Turmeric. the Turmeric doesn’t really add a lot taste-wise to your scramble, but it will give your Tofu a slightly yellow tinge. with it, you won’t even know the difference between real eggs and your healthy alternative.

-there are also tons of other add-ins you can throw in it. spinach, peas, herbs and seasonings… however you like your eggs, really. use your imagination!

just scramble it all around a frying pan just like you would real eggs, and you have your Tofu Scramble. easy-peasy.


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