Zombie Apocalypse Training

ever heard of the Zombie Apocalypse? c’mon, who the hell hasn’t, with more face-eating druggies roaming the streets every day, and movies such as Resident Evil, Zombieland, and Shaun of the Dead. [to name only a few] if you’ve been stalking my Twitter feed, or haven’t blocked me yet from Facebook, you’ll know i’ve been chattering a lot about the Zombie Apocalypse, and the training i’ve been doing for it. that, of course, is just a joke… i don’t actually think that the T-Virus is suddenly going to break out of the Umbrella Corporation’s underground facilities, or some other version of that story. the story that’s been re-hashed and beaten to death with a baseball bat and a sawed off shotgun… repeatedly. 

once upon a time, i was one of those folks that found exercise updates on Facebook/Twitter irritating… mostly because i was jealous that i was sitting on my couch eating a cup full of chocolate chips and playing video games while the offenders were out exercising and doing something good for themselves while i couldn’t get my fat ass off the couch. finally, i decided i had to do something to better myself as a human being. i joined kenpo for socialization (kinda like sticking your kid in pre-k so he can learn to get along with other kids…) and when i realized that my cardio fitness was shit, i had to do something more.

my husband’s been running all over our neighborhood for over a year now, so i decided to give it a try. when i joined kenpo, he bought me 4 really good sports bras (onces that are tried and true and guaranteed to hold my ginormous DD’s in place) so i was outta excuses. i use FB and Twitter to catalogue my life, so like it or not, stories of my running antics would be going on Facebook and Twitter. i don’t like boring updates, though. saying “oh hai i went running today” is just so…. uninteresting. to add a little flair to my updates, i called it my “Zombie Apocalypse Training”.

what, you ask, does the Zombie Apocalypse have to do with jogging down the street every day? well, if you’ve ever seen Zombieland, then you know there are 33 rules to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, and Rule #1 is Cardio. introduction of that rule is followed by a great scene of a loving dork named Colombus running from zombies in a parking lot. he runs to his car while being chased, and drops the keys while trying to get the door open. he hurriedly picks the keys up, and makes another lap around the parking lot with the brain-thirsty zombies following him the whole way. 2 laps around the parking lot, a marathon, and an amusing moment later when he realizes he left the door unlocked- he makes a getaway due to good cardio conditioning, and the ability to run around the parking lot repeatedly. subsequently, when i decided to get my poor lungs back up to snuff, i dubbed it my Zombie Apocalypse Training. it adds a fun spin on an otherwise extremely boring subject.

so far, i’ve been running for 2 months. when i first started, my first mile was run between 11.5 and 12 minutes. that, in my opinion, was just awful… i knew i could do better. i set my first goal to get my first mile in under 10 minutes. today, i finally met that goal! i ran a mile in 9 minutes and 22 seconds. this is the first time i’ve ever set a fitness goal for myself, and actually attained it. i’m hoping it’s the beginning of a new trend. [of setting goals, and actually meeting them]

wish me luck, and remember… CARDIO.


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  1. Rae
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 21:39:34

    Just letting you know your posts are annoyingly motivating. 😛
    I put down the B&J today.. time to move it and lose it. Oh .. and started blogging again.. might even vlog about my exercise.

    Good Job on your mile. Keep it up.


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