A Strong Opinion

Why the fuck to human beings have this obsessive desire to put a label to everything? Yes, some things need labels. I need a label on the bathroom door so I can know before I go in there what kind of equipment that particular room caters to. I need to know what a specific store sells, and I need to know the price. I need a label on illnesses so I can match them to the appropriate cure. Some labels are necessary.

What is not necessary, is labeling spiritual aspects of a person when it’s nobody else’s goddamn business.

A church should preach TO love, not WHO to love. A government should encourage loving marriages, not WHO you should be in a loving marriage with.

People are just PEOPLE. People fall in love, and if they want to get married and take good care of each other and raise a few brats for the rest of their lives, then nobody else has the right to tell them otherwise. It’s not the government’s business whether I prefer touching penises or vaginas. It doesn’t matter if I choose to marry a man or a woman; I will still pay my taxes. A church has no right to tell two good, loving fathers they have no right to raise a child together, when the church is okay with sweeping their holy men raping children under the rug. It’s not even the churches position to damn somebody to hell… they’re supposed to offer guidance, not condemnation. A government should make sure people pay their taxes so our roadways are fixed and our officials are paid, not tell two loving women that they can not get married while a drunk and drug addicted father beats his lawfully married wife and rapes his daughter every day without consequence. When people can not look at other people without seeing labels, there is a problem.

Love is just love. Some people spend their entire lives looking for the perfect label, only to discover that they fall deeply in love with someone who defies all that. Because we are raised to have a label, we limit our abilities to love. Because we feel the need to put a label to ourselves, we are putting blinders on our ability to feel. I want to be able to meet a person and judge my feelings for them based on how they treat me, how they treat others, and whether I find their appearance appealing. I don’t want to walk up to a person and immediately dismiss them because of a label and a preconceived notion.

We’ve boxed ourselves into labels, and it’s hurting our society. People can’t think for themselves any more, they just see how things have always been done. We should be evolving as beings, not backsliding into the dark ages. We used to HAVE to judge a potential mate based on strength, health, and ability to reproduce. Wake up, people! We’ve been freed from all that! Science has given us the ability to fall in love with and spend our lives with whoever the hell we want to. We no longer have to choose the strongest, best hunter, or the woman with the widest hips. We can look deeper than that now. Science can give us children, and science can heal our illnesses. We can look into a person’s soul, and judge them based on what we see inside, not just external durability.

If the government wants to tell us that we can only have one permanent partner, that’s fine. We’ll pay our taxes like good little people. They do not, however, have the right to tell us who we can spend our lives with… especially based on something so simple as gender.

Churches are different. They’ve all written their own rules anyways, so as long as people are allowed to leave that specific religion, they can tell you that you have to walk everywhere on their hands, if that’s part of their written beliefs. They do NOT, however, have any right to get involved in the government. Churches should pay taxes. Churches should not get a say in Gay Marriage, unless a gay couple specifically asks to get married under their roof. They should have the right to say no, and send them elsewhere. They should not have their hands in the government pie. Religion is just as personal as sexual orientation, and it’s nobody else’s fucking business.

Take the labels off marriage.
Get the church out of the government.