Tattoo Etiquette

Today’s lesson on Tattoo Etiquette

At the grocery store today, the guy bagging my groceries asked me two questions that you should never, ever ask someone about their tattoos.

1) How much did your sleeve cost?

This was the first thing this complete stranger said to me. No “hi” or “I like your tattoos.” He just said “how much did it cost?” right off the bat. I answered this in a roundabout way, by saying “I get it worked on every few months, so it’s hard to say.” He then went so far as to ask me how much it cost per session, and I said it depends on the work being done, then busied myself by getting out my wallet.

Lesson: This is extremely FUCKING RUDE. I don’t even know this guy, and he wants to know financial details of my life? Fuck off. Tell me you like my tattoo. Ask me how many hours I have put into it. Don’t ask me about money when I don’t even know your fucking name. It’s RUDE.

2) Did it hurt?

Are you for real? I had a needle full of ink jabbed into my skin thousands of times, YES IT HURT. Dumbass. This question isn’t rude, so must as just fucking stupid. Congratulations, I now can’t take you seriously as an intelligent life form.

That being said, I don’t want this to discourage you from talking to people about their tattoos. If they have tattoos in a visible place, that means they had something they wanted the world to know. I love ALL tattoos, even the shitty ones, because there is a story behind every damn one. If you want to know more about someone’s tattoos, open up with “wow, I love your work!” or if you don’t love it, tell them it’s interesting. After all, if you weren’t interested in it (even if it is butt-ugly) you wouldn’t be asking about it.  I love receiving compliments, or telling you where I got them done. I like hearing about other people’s work, or their ideas. I like talking about tattoos. I don’t like talking about money, or being asked stupid questions. I’m not going to walk up to a random stranger and ask them how much they get paid at their job. Don’t walk up to a random tattooed person and ask them how much their work cost.

Anyone currently recalling an instance in which you presented one of these two questions to a complete stranger, don’t be angry with me or feel ashamed. Once you get to know someone, it’s perfectly okay to ask more detailed questions. Also, everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes the only way to discover that something is offensive is to have already done it. It’s okay. Just learn from your mistakes.


Alcoholism is a Disease

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. There hasn’t been much going on in my life that is suitable for public, so I’ve been neglecting this blog. My knitting’s fallen off the charts into “occasionally” and my cooking is just enough to get my family by.

There’s been some drama… My karate instructor is an alcoholic, and when it came down to him choosing between his two best families or his booze, he picked his booze. Up until now, I’d never dealt with a friend being an alcoholic. I wasn’t too sure I bought into the whole “alcoholism is a disease” thing, and I couldn’t imagine why he couldn’t just shake it. After dealing with him and his problems for YEARS, I can honestly say that it is absolutely a disease. It is a devastating illness that clouds his view of the world to the point where he doesn’t see anything realistically anymore. He refuses to see how much his behavior is hurting the people around him, and it is heartbreaking. He is driving to the school in the evenings drunk. He is teaching 5-7 year old children DRUNK. He has a good heart, but he is so self-centered that he refuses to ask for help. He is so self centered, that he sticks his head in the sand any time someone tries to talk to him.

Needless to say, this was devastating to everyone involved. We spoke to him two years ago about at least waiting until after class was over for the day to get wasted. We spoke to him one year ago about not drinking before class. Then he showed up to an important event very personal to me with alcohol on his breath and a slur in his speech, and I was done. We’ve been licking our spiritual wounds, and trying to move on ever since. It’s been rough going. I’ve only just now gotten back into running after a month and a half long hiatus, and every joint on my body aches. I haven’t been taking my vitamins, and I’ve been staying up too late. I try to be a model of fitness and health for the people around me, but it just got too hard after having to leave the karate school that’s been my home for the past five years. I’ve identified as a martial artist for so long, I’m a little lost without that direction.

I want to talk to my instructor. I want to speak to him and hear his plan for getting healthy again. I want everything to be okay. I want my friend back. But there’s nothing more I can do. In the end, sobriety and recovery are a personal decision, and he has no interest regardless of the consequences.

But you know what? No matter what happens, life goes on. So here I am, trying to move on. I don’t have any new recipes to post or knitting patterns to show off, but hopefully I’ll have something to share soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

New Year’s Resolution

i don’t like Tofu. on the few occasions i or my husband have made it, i’ve grudgingly choked it down and covertly let everyone else eat the left overs. i’ve never had Tofu made by someone professional… meaning, in a restaurant setting, made by someone else, that other people have declared to be a good example of cooked Tofu.

every time i’ve made it, i haven’t been able to get rid of that faint plastic-y taste that seems to accompany every form of Tofu available to me. i don’t like the texture… that weird spongy texture that you never find in any natural foods. it just freaks me out. i’ve tried Tempeh and didn’t like it either. it tasted just like Tofu, except with a different weird unnatural texture. i haven’t given up on Tempeh yet, i still have a few recipes to try that make me think it might be possible to like it.

Tofu, on the other hand, is just icky.

which brings me to my New Year’s Resolution.

i am going to find a recipe in which i actually like Tofu in.

i’m not going to give up. i want to like Tofu.

i have a few recipes for a Tofu Scramble (the vegan version of scrambled eggs) and a few different stir frys. worst comes to worst, i’ll make a Tofu Chocolate Pudding. you can’t really go wrong with chocolate, IMO. although i wouldn’t put it past Tofu to ruin it. :0/

New Year’s Resolution 2012


a whine, and tofu vs. bacon death match

“i’m having company this weekend, and he’s vegan. what do i feed him?”

that’s something i heard at the grocery store the other day. the employee promptly pointed this woman to the health food section, and left her to her own devices. i didn’t help her out either, so i probably don’t have a right to complain… but it irritates me to no end to hear things like this. people hear the word “vegan” and automatically begin treating us like we have something wrong with us. like we don’t eat the same food that the rest of the world eats.

vegan food isn’t just in the health food section… depending on the vegan’s level of snottiness, you can find veganity in every aisle including the soda aisle. yes, Coke is vegan as is every other soft drink on the shelf. on Christmas Eve i ran to the grocery store to get stay-at-home munchies for the fam. i picked up a bag of Original Gardettos, Pretzels, Sorbet, and Cherry Coke Zero. all of which are vegan. if you use your brain, you’ll realize that there’s more products out there than you think that are vegan…. Oreos are vegan, and my go-to cookie when i don’t want to bake. plain potato chips are vegan, and you can use almond milk in place of dairy milk in any baking/cooking recipe, as well as powdered egg replacer in virtually anything. (brownies, cakes, cookies, etc) i use Bob’s Red Mill Organic Egg Replacer in all my baking, and nobody ever knows the difference. you can use vegetable broth/bouillon instead of chicken or beef and many, many salad dressings are vegan. hell, i even use a vegetable bouillon in my Ramen noodles. (i toss the seasoning packet it comes with) if you want it super easy, there’s even vegan lunchmeat and sliced “cheese”.

being vegan isn’t difficult, it’s people’s preconceptions of it that make it so.

*sigh* rant over.

to lighten the mood, here’s Monsieur Tofu and Mister Bacon in a kitchen death match…


Back in the Saddle

i took a 3 week fitness hiatus. it’s amazing how much fitness one can lose in just 3 weeks of stagnancy and splurging. today, i resisted the desire to sit on the couch and watch Roswell, and threw on my bicycle shorts. i jumped on the rollers for 30 minutes, and nearly died. DIED. i spent the next 20 minutes fighting the urge to pass out, and now i’m spending the remainder of my daughter’s nap time doing what i *almost* wish i had done to begin with… watching Roswell and blogging. SO. i feel better about finally exercising again- i’ve done all i can do today, and i’m going to fight the rest of the day to keep my eating under control. i’m going to try to lose weight over the next few weeks, then i’m going to try to maintain healthy eating habits and exercise for the rest of my life. yeah right.

i’m reading a book by Jessica Berger-Gross called EnLIGHTened: How I Lost 40 Pounds With a Yoga Mat, Fresh Pineapples, and a Beagle Pointer. i’m hoping this book about this girl’s struggle to find inner peace and happiness, physically and mentally, will resonate with me and coax my own inner strength to the surface. i need to make a life change, and those are never easy… maybe this time i can finally do it.

i was going to go back to Yoga class this morning. YES! we have re-instated our membership to the Y. we decided that it is worth it… we even managed to get our rates lowered a little bit. i did the math the other day, and as long as i go to class at the Y at least once a week, the monthly fees will cost the exact same as going to a real Yoga Studio once a week.


enlightening books, Yoga classes, back to the gym, cardio ahoy!, and there i go.

it’s the 6th of May, and hopefully today marks the day in which i get back on track. 🙂


hello? is anybody there? just curious. i really have no idea if anybody even reads my fitness spew… but i suppose i started this blog for me, so i shouldn’t really care too terribly much. but i do. it’s the curse of a blogger, i guess. if i didn’t want to be read by other people, i would have started a private journal instead.


i’m taking a break.

a break from exercise.

i’m sick of it.

when i come back, i’ll probably be ten pounds heavier, and actually have some sort of goal in mind other then “not get fat”, because i’ll already be fat. fun, right?

really, though. i need to work some things out. i need to put a bandaid on my brain, and rest until it heals. when it does, i’ll rip the bandaid off and get right back on the bike and the dvds. i might even start enjoying it again. i promise.

until then….


having an instructor or personal trainer is a beautiful thing when it comes to exercise. they push you when you need pushing, correct you when you need correcting, and force you to do what you need to do, not what you want to do. unfortunately, not everybody can afford a personal trainer, or even just to take classes.

take me, for instance.

i started out taking Yoga classes at the Y… but $90 a month for 1 Yoga class a week and not much else was just not worth it. we are saving our money right now to get ourselves out of debt, so i am officially my own personal trainer and instructor. i push myself when i think i need pushing, and i correct myself when i think i need correcting.

but how do i know when i need correcting?

well, i don’t.

up until last week, i thought i was doing it properly. i’d go through my chosen Sun Salutation every time i finished my cardio, and i felt a sense of satisfaction at having stretched out and worked my muscles.

the other day, i finished the p90x cardio dvd, turned the tv off, put on the radio, and began my Vinyasa.

as i was settling into my Warrior II pose, i caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection in the television set. it was atrocious. my legs weren’t nearly far enough apart, the neat right angle i thought my front leg was in was borderline straight, and i needed to bring my seat much closet to the ground. i adjusted until i looked correct, but it hurt. i was stretching muscles that i’d never stretch before because i hadn’t been doing it right.

i was devastated. i know you may think i’m exaggerating a little bit, but it really did have a huge impact on me. i thought i was doing so well. i thought i would be able to walk into an actual Yoga class (once we get ourselves out of debt and can budget for it again) and be proud of how far i’d come all by myself.

not so much.

that day, i learned that one very important piece of equipment in the home workout room, is a mirror. if you can swing getting a mirror to put in the area where you normally do your exercises, i highly suggest it. it will let you know if you need to straighten your arms more, deepen your stance, or raise your legs just a tad more. it will let you know if you’re bending too far or too little. most importantly- it gives you that third person perspective that you’re missing by not having an outside instructor. you can have the most expensive yoga mats, blocks and weights that money can buy, but if you’re doing the moves wrong and don’t even realize it- you aren’t going to go nearly as far as you could.

at the moment i can’t install a mirror anywhere in my house. we’re renting with the hopes to buy soon, but until we actually have a home we own i won’t be putting in something as large as a mirror. once we own a home, i’ll install some sort of mirror system in our workout area, even if i have to buy a bunch of cheap vanity mirrors and glue them to the wall like a bunch of puzzle pieces.

i feel like i’m starting all over again at beginner’s yoga, and it kind of sucks.

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